Instawalk in Old Delhi

Before you get any weird ideas about the title, no, this is not about walking instantly or walking for an instant only; rather, a heritage walk for instagrammers! The NatGeo Moment Awards India is inviting entries & this event was planned as part of their build up to the competition as exclusively for those using […]

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Google Glass Photowalk

t’s been 10 days that the google glass photowalk took place at San Francisco and the news about the events has been doing rounds all over the internet. It was the biggest ever photowalk conducted so far. It was all part of kicking off Google I/O 2013, starting the very next day – and featuring the Google […]

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Photography Industry Landscape

Taylor Davidson is a venture capitalist and a professional photographer. He is the director of kbs+ Ventures. Borrowing the design of a LUMAscape, the popular graphics of various industry landscapes created by LUMA Partners, Davidson mapped the photography industry looking at the ecosystem from the perspective of photographers, consumers, brands, buyers & publishers. Here is the infographic – He points out – The […]

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Scott Kelby and Worldwide Photowalks

Scott teaches Photoshop & Photography at He is Editor-in-Chief for Photoshop User magazine and hosts shows at He is a well known person in the digital photography space and his photos speak volumes for him. He is most famous as a sports photographer but he has a versatile portfolio which has good amount of travel shots and […]

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Welcome to the This blog is where we will be posting about interesting photowalks, events, workshops and trips that we come across. The site is under construction, so right now we are posting about the photowalks that are being conducted by various groups on their own platforms. But this blog will be even […]

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