Google Glass Photowalk

t’s been 10 days that the google glass photowalk took place at San Francisco and the news about the events has been doing rounds all over the internet. It was the biggest ever photowalk conducted so far. It was all part of kicking off Google I/O 2013, starting the very next day – and featuring the Google Glass Project. Over a thousand enthusiasts had RSVPd to come for the event on google+. The hashtag for the event was #GlassPhotoWalk. Google+ has been doing a lot for the photographer’s community and they have a special place for photowalks in their heart. Don’t believe me, have a look at the turnout yourself! This shot was taken by Peter Adams. group photo The star attraction for this event was the presence of 2 photography stars – Thomas Hawk and Trey Ratcliff. Thomas Hawk is famous for his public goal of publishing 1 million photos before he dies and his blog has a strong voice in the photography community. Trey Ratcliff is famous for his out of the world HDR shots and his travel photography blog too is a must read! Also, this walk was special for the prize being given away at the event – Google Glass – yes! that’s true, a glass was to be given to a lucky winner, not only google glass is awesome, but since one cannot buy it anywhere as of now, it was a special attraction. Dave Martinez was the lucky guy who bagged the google glass in a lucky ticket draw! Rivers-Ticket-Thomas-768x1024 Here is a photo of Dave (center) with Trey (left) and Thomas (right) BE1P4671 There was another addition to the event – Virtual Photowalking!Virtual Photo Walks is a project to allow people using Google+ to be interactive citizens again. Utilizing the hangout feature and smart phones, people are able to visit and interact with smart phone enabled photographers to see places and people they use to, see things that they might not have had the chance to see. vpw For this particular event, Karren Hutton had teamed up with the Virtual Photowalk Team to cover the event. Karren  is a travel photographer and whole lotta things including being a voice-over artist. That day, Karren was using a Sony NEX-7 instead of her regular Canon 5DIII, so that’s why there are all these rubber bands to keep the phone steady, because she didn’t bring a hot shoe adapter that fit the Sony mount. Anyways, she did a brilliant work, if you want to re-live the photowalk, then you should see the video clip she has edited from all that she shot that day. You can read more about this atKarren’s post on her blog.

Along with all the top photographers, the locals of San Fransisco had a great time, it’s very evident from the photos and the posts people have written about the event. A lot of people got to experiment with google glasses. Here is one such happy post by Suzanne and another one by Jennifer. It’s great to see the response of the people and I’m sure there are hundreds more who would’ve been equally happy with the time they spent photowalking that day. These close to 1000 people shared closed to 4000 photos on the event gallery page on google+, I urge you to check out these photos. There are photos clicked with DSLRs, digicams, phone cams and even google glasses. The photo on the top of the post is taken with a google glass by Trey Ratcliff, it’s so awesome, right! Let me know if you could find any difference between the ones taken by digicams and google glasses… they are that good! you know, just incase you’re looking forward to getting a pair 😉


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