Welcome to the photowalks.in

This blog is where we will be posting about interesting photowalks, events, workshops and trips that we come across. The photowalks.in site is under construction, so right now we are posting about the photowalks that are being conducted by various groups on their own platforms. But this blog will be even more awesome once things are in full flow! It is a continuation of the project that was earlier known as Photowalkrs. the title image is dedicated to Photowalkrs 🙂

But photowalks.in is more than a platform to organize events… we want to be the place where you come after buying a camera. photowalks.in is not a photography school but an virtual open university where everyone teaches his/her friends. It is extremely crucial to be a part of your local photography community and empowering photography communities across the globe is what we want to do in the crudest sense.

How you can contribute?
If you are organizing any photography event in near future or has a friend who might then let us know about it and we will post about the event on photowalks.in. We’ll also try to feature your group and the past events you have organised. I think you know how community driven sites work – “more the merrier”

One thing I’d suggest is to grab the RSS feed of the blog or follow the blog on e-mail. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any events happening in your city would you?

So, Cheers to photography and to travel!



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