Scott Kelby and Worldwide Photowalks

Scott teaches Photoshop & Photography at He is Editor-in-Chief for Photoshop User magazine and hosts shows at He is a well known person in the digital photography space and his photos speak volumes for him. He is most famous as a sports photographer but he has a versatile portfolio which has good amount of travel shots and studio portraits as well, I don’t need to express how good a photographer he is!

Scott headshot comp

I wanted to write about the work Scott has done in the photowalking space  in the last couple of years because it was nothing short of motivation for me to start Photowalkrs! Scott’s company – Kelby Media Group started an initiative – where they organize an annual worldwide photowalk in October. Last year, over 1000 Photowalks were organised and over 28,000 people had participated in the weekend long event. Most of these events were independent events and the only connection was their virtual representation at the site for the best-photo contest. This is an amazing feat and speaks how big the photowalking scene can be when everyone joins in. The photowalks are organised in almost every region of the world, it’s like a giant street photowalking event.


Scott says that it’s a great thing as a lot of people need a push or an excuse to go out and click and photowalks can be the reason for such people. I myself click a lot more when I’m traveling or I’m on a vacation trip. There are so many opportunities to click at your local town or city which you miss out because it’s not somewhere I’d travel to! Plus the meetup part, it’s great to stay in touch with likeminded people of your city, you don’t get to meet awesome people everyday, unless you know me ofcourse 😉

Scott is a pioneer in the social digital photography space and has been associated with a lot of events for promoting photography as a hobby. I would encourage you guys to check out his videos below and then maybe attend the 2013 photowalk!

If you’d like to follow Scott’s work, then you can follow him on 500pxor google+ or at his blog


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